Nintendo SNES Mini incoming, you read that right, it’s a follow-up to the NES Mini

It looks like if you missed out on the NES Mini you may still be in for a treat

The mighty Nintendo could have settled into a nice backstroke in the vault of money it’s likely filled after the popularity of the Switch and surprise hit the NES Mini. Instead it’s allegedly back at work on a new follow-up to the classic mini console with the next gen SNES Mini.

According to Eurogamer’s sources “close to the company” there is another classic console in the works dubbed Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System. But we like SNES Mini as the name until it’s official.

For those of you that recognise the picture above, that was indeed the original SNES 2, or SNES Mini, released in 1997 - which was small enough. Expect the new SNES Mini version to be even smaller but more like the original SNES console in design.

The sources say the device is already under development. This is apparently why Nintendo did not decide to start making the NES Mini again despite it selling out and customers crying out for more.

Nintendo only created the NES Mini as a bit of fun for Christmas stocking fillers in 2016. Selling out and going way beyond demand was a surprise. Despite this Nintendo already has plans for the SNES Mini so production lines couldn’t start churning out more of the NES Mini, it seems.

This is a very early rumour so we’re expecting Nintendo to do much the same with the SNES Mini as it did with the NES Mini. If this is the case expect the run to be limited and for its appearance to be around Christmas time. We can’t wait for a bit of A Link to the Past or Donkey Kong Country under the Christmas tree this year.

Luke Edwards

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