Spectacles by Snap now available directly through Amazon

The video-recording super specs have, FINALLY, been made available to buy direct through Amazon

While here at T3 Towers we were lucky enough to secure a pair of Snap's Spectacles when they were released last autumn, many were left empty handed thanks to an unorthodox sales system whereby the glasses were originally only available via random, pop-up, vending machines.

Eventually the Spectacles were made available to order direct, however, supply did not keep up with demand. Now, finally, the video-recording-picture-taking sunglasses are available to purchase directly though Amazon, with all colours available and each eligible for Prime delivery.

If you are one of the uninitiated, Spectacles by Snap are a pair of sunglasses which, thanks to in-built cameras, allow short eye-level perspective videos to be shot and then viewed on a smartphone. While the recordings aren't super high resolution, they are HD and are incredibly easy to take, with the wearer simply tapping a small, discrete button on the frame to start shooting.

Currently the Spectacles are retailing for £129.99 on Amazon, with you getting a pair of glasses, charging case (the glasses charge in the case), charging cable, cleaning cloth, quick start guide, and a one-year warranty. Black, Teal and Coral colour schemes are available.

Obviously, how much you value recording your adventures and japes in this unique format will largely dictate whether you pick up a pair or not. The human-eye mimicking footage is certainly cool, however, here at T3 we still think each pair is a little too dear to allow them to qualify as an essential pick up. Still, with the weather currently killing it through the sunny summer months, there's no doubting some of the cool videos that could be captured.

You can check out the type of videos Spectacles record by watching the below video: