Sony PSVR2 – finally, there's a Cyber Monday deal on the PS5 VR headset

The Sony PlayStation VR2 is at its lowest price yet

Sony PSVR2 deal
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Ever since the PlayStation VR2 arrived earlier this year, there has been a debate about one main element – its price. The dedicated virtual headset is a superb add-on for the PlayStation 5, offering class-leading, immersive experiences.

However, the launch price reflected the innovative tech inside, which made it out of reach for some.

Now though, thanks to EE and its Cyber Monday deals, you can get the Sony PSVR2 for under £500 for the first time. It is offering £30 off the headset plus free delivery.

Sony PlayStation VR2: was £529.99, now £499.99 at EE

Sony PlayStation VR2: was £529.99, now £499.99 at EE
The PlayStation VR2 is superb, with HDR visuals and eye-tracking tech that make virtual reality gaming a joy to behold. You also get two superb motion controllers that feature haptic feedback for an even more immersive experience.

Check prices: Very £529.99 | Argos £529.99

There's also a great deal on the headset at Game. You pay £30 more – so the full price for the headset – but you get a free game as part of the bundle.

There are other PSVR2 bundle deals at Game to check out too.

Sony PlayStation VR2 + free Townsmen VR game: £529.99 with a free VR title at Game

Sony PlayStation VR2 + free Townsmen VR game: £529.99 with a free VR title at Game
This bundle includes the Townsmen game for free. There are other games available in bundle deals too.

Why consider the PlayStation VR2?

The PSVR2 is an excellent virtual reality headset, which improves on Sony's older PS4 equivalent in almost every way. It requires a PlayStation 5 to work.

PlayStation 5: was £479, now £389 at Currys

PlayStation 5: was £479, now £389 at Currys
Currys has new stock of the original PlayStation 5 at the great deal price. Be fast though, it won't last long.

PlayStation 5 + EA Sports FC 24 bundle: was £539.99, now £399.99 at Argos

PlayStation 5 + EA Sports FC 24 bundle: was £539.99, now £399.99 at Argos
Get the disc version of the PS5 with this year's hottest footy game – EA Sports FC 24. It's EA's latest as part of the long-running FIFA franchise, but without the FIFA name for the first time. The game is still as good as ever, though.

Users of the PSVR2 are treated to 4K HDR visuals inside the visor, as well as a 110-degree field of view. There is eye tracking tech to enhance the experience further. Not only can it help reduce motion sickness, games can use the positioning of your eyes to focus on objects more clearly as you look at them – this improves the graphics and gameplay significantly.

The two Sense motion controllers that come with the PSVR2 include the same sort of haptic feedback as the PS5's DualSense pads. And, there are haptics in the headset too to give you an even more immersive feel.

This is a truly premium product that's now even better value.

It's worth remembering though that these deals will expire at the end of play today, Monday 27 November 2023, so you don't have long to take advantage.

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