Smeg’s portable induction hob is my new favourite cooking essential for smaller kitchens

Smeg launches the Portable Induction Hob for versatile cooking in smaller kitchens and spaces

Smeg Portable Induction Hob
(Image credit: Smeg)

Smeg has added to its appliance range with its new Portable Induction Hob. With three pre-set modes, an external temperature probe and compact design, the new hob can be used just about anywhere.

The Portable Induction Hob is available to buy at Smeg for £299.95.

Adding to its extensive range of small appliances, Smeg has just launched its new Portable Induction Hob. Designed for smaller kitchens and cooking spaces, the hob has plenty of cooking modes to choose from, and its compact, portable design means you can cook just about anywhere… potentially even outside.

2024 has already been a big year for Smeg. The Italian appliance manufacturer launched its high-performance blender earlier this year, and the brand recently announced its upcoming espresso maker and grinder. But its most recent launch is specifically designed with compact homes and smaller cooking areas in mind.

Unlike the best induction hobs, which are typically built into your kitchen countertop, the new Portable Induction Hob from Smeg weighs just 4.900kg and measures 315mm width, 412mm diameter and 5x54mm height. It has a slim touch control display, and simple controls including the power modes and timer for precision cooking.

The Smeg Portable Induction Hob has three pre-set modes to choose from, all of which have nine power levels and a Boost function. The Barbecue mode is perfect for grilling a variety of foods, like meat, fish and vegetables, and it also has three automatic settings based on food type.

Smeg Portable Induction Hob

(Image credit: Smeg)

The Fry mode is (unsurprisingly) ideal for frying and ensures an optimum heat while cooking, so you can perfectly fry different types of food without overcooking. Like the barbecue mode, it also has three settings based on food type, and can be used to cook both fresh and frozen ingredients. Finally, the Keep Warm mode maintains a consistent temperature to keep your cooked food warm without overcooking.

For even more precision, the Portable Induction Hob comes with an external temperature probe. Its two probe modes include Probe Target which automatically finishes cooking once it’s reached the desired core temperature of your food, and the Prove Timer which maintains your target temperature for a specific duration time.

Like all Smeg products, the Portable Induction Hob has a sleek brushed and matte finish, and is complete with the iconic Smeg logo. It’s available to buy now at Smeg for £299.95.

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