Small device fans will love this new Android phone

The Google Pixel 8 is reportedly getting a smaller display

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If you're a lover of small phones, you're likely quite displeased with recent trends. Many of the best phones on the market are positively gargantuan, and even the 'small' alternatives feature sizeable displays in most cases.

That could all be about to change, though. The Google Pixel 8 – successor to the hugely popular Google Pixel 7 – is reportedly getting a smaller screen. The news comes courtesy of Ross Young, a well-known insider with close ties to the tech display industry. He has a great track record for these kinds of leaks, and his word is pretty much as good as gospel when it comes to phone screens.

According to Young, while the Google Pixel 8 Pro will maintain the same dimensions as the Google Pixel 7 Pro, the base model will shrink slightly – from a 6.32-inch display to a 6.16-inch display. Okay, it's not the most substantial change in the world, but it should mean a more compact handset.

That's great news. Since the untimely death of the iPhone mini – which was last seen in the iPhone 13 series – smaller handsets have all but disappeared. That decision was ultimately based on market trends, but there's still a large group of users who would love to have smaller options without sacrificing on tech.

The Google Pixel range has won over a lot of fans this year, having finally nailed down their place in the market. Widening the size gap between their models should help to differentiate further, and hopefully entice a few more users into the Pixel ecosystem.

Young mentioned that panel production was set to begin in May. That should put us on course for a release sometime in the Autumn, which is about right, given their historical release schedule. 

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