Sky TV customers using Sky Glass are about to get a cool free upgrade

The picture quality is about to get a lot better

Sky Glass on a white TV stand
(Image credit: Sky)

Sky Glass is one of the best options for accessing Sky TV. When it first came out, our reviewer said it was one of the best TVs that year.

Now, with the release of the Sky Stream, users looking for the slick Sky Glass experience can do so with any TV they choose. But that doesn't mean the end of the road for Sky Glass users.

According to Twitter user and occasional contributor, John Archer (opens in new tab), the Sky Glass is set to get a substantial firmware update soon. There's no word on exactly when this will be released, though.

Archer says the update "completely transforms [the Sky Glass'] picture quality."

Sky Glass firmware update: what's new?

Archer says that the new firmware reworks the local dimming engine. That means better peak brightness and better black tones – perfect for any future House of the Dragon escapades – as well as more natural colour replication, more depth, and better sharpness in the picture.

Basically, everything that wasn't liked about the Sky Glass is reworked, providing a substantially better picture quality. That's great news for Sky Glass users. Free is almost always good, and getting a better image without spending a penny is a brilliant freebie. 

Sky Stream or Sky Glass?

Most people interested in this kind of device will now be asking themselves one question: Sky Stream or Sky Glass? If you're looking to upgrade your TV at the same time as your Sky TV subscription, the Sky Glass is a no brainer.

If you've already invested in a home entertainment setup, though, the Sky Glass may well be overkill.

That's where the Sky Stream is perfect. Irrespective of what TV you have, Sky Stream offers a no-fuss solution, not just for Sky TV, but also for the best of Netflix, Disney Plus and all of the best streaming services. What's more, with the best streaming service deals available right now, you can create a home entertainment setup without busting the bank.

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