Get a free down jacket worth £495 this Black Friday – here's how

Premium outdoor brand Shackleton might blow up the internet with this killer deal!

Man wearing Shackleton parka in mountains
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We are used to seeing deep discounts on and around Black Friday, but outdoor brand Shackleton's Black Friday offer is quite something else. In short, you can pick a free down jacket or sweater if you buy a parka or a down jacket, respectively, essentially slashing the price of premium outdoor apparel in half. Mind: blown!

Granted, getting either jacket option will set you back a bit, but as we all know, buying flimsy, almost single-use outdoor apparel is the worst thing you can do with the planet. Instead, consider investing in quality gear that will see you through many years of adventuring. And Shackleton sells that kind of clothing.

I should know, as I'm a proud owner of a Shackleton Team Jacket. Sadly, the brand doesn't sell it anymore, but this windproof and waterproof to 20,000mm (H/H) performance jacket is my go-to insulated coat when I want to make sure I stay dry in the downpour.

I'm also intimately familiar with the Rothera jacket. I tried it earlier this year, and it left a lasting impression on me (here's an IG reel to prove I actually came in contact with the jacket).

Anyhow, back to the offers! You can take advantage of the offer online via Shackleton and in-store (214 Regent Street Piccadilly, London) Friday, 24 November, until one minute midnight Monday, 27 November. Here's how it works:

Purchase a premium parka and get a free down jacket of your choice (worth up to £495)

Purchase a premium parka and get a free down jacket of your choice (worth up to £495)
Buy either a Haakon Tactical Parka (£1,395) or an Endurance Parka (£1,095) and pick a complimentary down jacket from the Rothera (£495), Ronne (£445), Ross (£345), or Hercules (£345) models.

Purchase a Down Jacket and get a free sweater OR first layer (worth up to £195

Purchase a Down Jacket and get a free sweater OR first layer (worth up to £195)
Select from either the Rothera Hooded Down Jacket (£495), Ross Down Gilet (£345), Escape Down Jacket (£695), or Ronne Down Jacket (£445) and get a complimentary premium sweater like the Docker Merino Sweater for £195.

If these offers are outside your budget – I already blew mine on a Samyang lens – check out T3's best Back Friday deals page for more offers. If you can afford it, what are you still doing reading this!? Go and buy the jacket!

Matt Kollat
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