Potential Google Pixel 5 flaw might make you think twice about buying one

Thinking of buying a Google Pixel 5? Well, you might want to think again

Google Pixel 5
(Image credit: Google)

Oh no! This is the Google Pixel 5 news that no one wanted to hear. And it comes just as glowing 5-star reviews for the handset have started to appear online.

That news? Only that the Google Pixel 5's display actually appears to have a gap between it and its frame for some owners.

As reported by Android Police, some owners of the Pixel 5 have been reporting that a gap between the screen and the phone's frame and body appears to exist and, in some cases, also seems to be wider than others.

As can be seen by the pictures in the below image gallery, where the gap seems to vary in width and location, the zone around the phone's front-facing camera appears to be the most common place where owners are noticing it.

Naturally, users are now questioning whether this gap could affect the phone's IP-rated water resistance, or lead to further problems in the future.

Writing on the Pixel Phone support product forum, where pictorial evidence of what appears to be the phone's screen separated from its frame has been posted, Pixel 5 owner James Bennett states that:

"There seems to be quite a lot of units popping up where there's a gap between the display and the frame/body. Can someone from Google clarify the issue."

In the replies underneath, numerous other users also confirm that they appear to have the same issue, but are unclear whether or not this does or doesn't affect the phone's waterproof rating.

"I've got the same problem, would be nice to know if this is something to worry about and a reason to replace the phone or if it's fine," adds Florian Bauchie, before adding "To be honest it doesn't bother me too much as long as it is not an indicator for problems with the water resistance or other future problems."

Pixel 5 owner Sam64315 though is more concerned, writing that:

"Mine has the exact same issue, and the gap - as you can see in the pics - is observable in the top left corner. Really sick and tired of this shitty QC on Pixel product. I'll contact support to request refund."

Clearly, then, enough Pixel 5 owners have now spotted this phenomenon and have been left concerned by it enough to seek clarification from Google.

Here's hoping this gap actually has no bearing on the Pixel 5's waterproofing, or on anything else, such as its ability to collect dust. Here at T3 we can't help but feel that the gap, whether a problem or not, will see detritus collect in it over time, though, which is far from ideal on a premium flagship.

Fingers crossed it isn't a serious issue and Google moves fast to clarify what is going on.

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