Save £25 on the fantastic Amazon Echo Dot with Clock today

Amazon's most popular smart device, the Echo Dot with Clock, now available for a discounted price point

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock deals
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Amazon Prime Day isn't until later this year but that hasn't stopped the company from cutting a load of money off a bunch of products, including many that you've probably had your eye on for a while. One of the best deals is for the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock, a fantastic smart home upgrade that's currently just £34.99.

The Echo Dot with Clock is, as the name suggests, first and foremost a bedside clock, but with a twist: thanks to Alexa, the Echo Dot can perform a huge range of different tasks, like telling you the weather, playing music, radio, or podcasts, setting timers, controlling other smart home devices, and making calls. The possibilities are basically endless. 

All of this comes in a really cute little package that will blend into wherever you want to put it. We'd probably go for a bedside cabinet but you could easily put this in a lounge, kitchen, or somewhere else in the bedroom. If you happen to have smart lightbulbs in your bedroom, Alexa can easily control those, including setting wake-up alarms. 

Amazon offers the standard Echo Dot (without a clock) in a few different colours, but the clock-toting version comes only in sandstone, which isn't a bad thing at all as it looks fantastic up close and will blend into any surroundings.

One nifty thing you can also do with the Dot is pair them, for stereo sound no matter where you are. There hasn't been a better time, either, given the steep discounts on offer.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock | Sandstone fabric | Alexa | Was £59.99 | Now £34.99 | Available at Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock | Sandstone fabric | Alexa | Was £59.99 | Now £34.99 | Available at Amazon
If you're in need of a new bedside clock, this is a pretty fantastic deal: a brand new Echo Dot with a saving of £25 right now, adding a level of sophistication to any room it's placed in. We can't recommend it rightly enough.

Amazon is offering a huge range of devices with a bunch of money off, but we definitely think this is one of the best offers. Don't miss out on a swanky new clock with a tonne of other features built in.

Max Slater-Robins

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