Best Amazon Echo deals for May 2024

Get the best Amazon Echo deals, including discounts on the Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Studio and more

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If you're looking for the best Amazon Echo deals in 2023, you don't have to look far: Echo discounts are some of the most frequent price reductions in the tech world, especially at Amazon. If you want a bargain Amazon Echo Dot, a cheap Amazon Echo, or even money off an Echo Studio, we've got the latest options right here... and with the best Black Friday deals coming up, now is the best time to shop!

You might be surprised to find that you can buy Echo devices on sites other than Amazon, but the company does sell them through other retailers, so we've scoured prices from all over to ensure you'll find the best deal on Amazon Echo devices wherever they come from.

If you're interested in an Echo smart screen, check out our dedicated guide to the best Echo Show deals to save a buck or two in that department.

Amazon Echo: The specs

Now on its fourth version, the Amazon Echo range has changed the way we think about smart speakers. It has changed the way we think about the smart home, it's changed the way we communicate in the home, it's changed the way we play music or discover facts. It's no wonder you're looking for the best deals on Amazon Echo speakers.

These intelligent gadgets can control all kinds of devices in your home, and their capabilities can be extended by third-party apps and services. Whether you want to order a pizza or a taxi, your Amazon Echo can help. At these sort of prices, it makes a lot of sense to invest in one (or two).

Early Black Friday Amazon Echo deals

The best Amazon Echo Dot deals

Amazon Echo Dot 4th gen

Amazon Echo Dot

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The smaller member of Amazon's Echo roster doesn't have the audio chops of its bigger brothers, but this fourth go around for the Echo Dot is vastly superior to (in particular) the first- and second-generation Dots when it comes to sound. It's also perfectly capable of being plugged into a larger speaker or Hi-fi if that suits. Perhaps that's why the similarly priced speaker-free Echo Input has fallen by the wayside. 

Compact, cute and really rather cool, this isn't going to fight with your decor, though as this is a sphere it's taller than the third-gen alternative; don't be shy of picking its predecessor up if you can find it cheaper, since the third-gen can hold its own in terms of sound and there's little in terms of additional smarts here.

The best Amazon Echo deals

Amazon Echo (4th gen)

Amazon Echo

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Amazon's main line Echo is bigger than the Dot and beefier in terms of its specifications, easily doing a solid job of outputting music through its three-speaker array and packing in a smart hub, inherited from the Echo Plus, which can deal with all kinds of Zigbee devices. 

The design is a big upgrade from the slightly generic cylinders of previous editions, too; this is something which just looks special. It's frequently the target of deep discounts, even this early in its run, so we'd recommend you absolutely pick one up if it's below full price. In fact, you should seriously consider it even if there's not currently a big price cut.

The best Amazon Echo Studio deals

Best Amazon Echo deals: Echo Studio 2021

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At the high end of the Echo range we have the Echo Studio, a much larger and much more unique device than the others in the line. It can do a lot beyond its superior music reproduction. The way it's design allows the Echo Studio to reproduce 3D audio, with height channels adding an extra dimension to the compatible tracks on Amazon's music streaming service - it's an impressive effect, for sure.

Aside from sound there's a Zigbee smart hub in here too, so if you're looking for a real centerpiece (and you have a big room to fill) this is an excellent option, particularly if you can get some money off.

The best Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation) deals

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation

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Even a few months after the launch of the fourth generation, Amazon still seems to have plenty of third-gen Dots kicking around, as do third-party retailers, so it's not hard to find. If you can, pick one (or a few) up: it's a fantastic smart speaker if you're looking to scatter a number of nodes around your home for very little money - in fact, it's the cheapest Echo speaker you can buy by our reckoning.

The best Amazon Echo Flex deals

Echo Flex

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The Amazon Echo Flex is an ultra-simple, ultra cheap Alexa device. You won't be wanting to listen to music through it, but it makes it easy to have reliable voice control in every room, so it's great in the kitchen for getting timers, or in the hallway for controlling smart lights. the whole body is just attached to the plus, so you don't need a surface to rest it on. And there are clever add-ons, such as a nightlight module.

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