Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 launch delay looks more and more likely

The foldable handset is reportedly delayed until 'at least October'

Galaxy Z Fold 2 concept
(Image credit: Pigtou/ xleaks7)

Samsung is set to unveil its new lineup of devices at its Unpacked event next month, with rumours that we'll see the Galaxy Z Flip in a new Mirror Gold colourway (as well as a 5G version). Galaxy Watch 3Galaxy Note 20two Galaxy tablets, and the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The Fold 2 is the follow up to last year's Galaxy Fold which was Samsung's first foldable and had more than a few teething issues which were resolved for a re-release of the handset. And while the Z Flip took a different approach with its design,    all eyes are on the Fold 2 to see what lessons Samsung learned last year, but it looks like the first one is not to rush out a phone that isn't quite baked yet, with reports that the Fold 2 has been delayed, and won't make the Unpacked lineup at all. 

XDA Developers' (and Twitter leaker) Max Weinbach has said the the Z Fold 2 won't be shown off at Unpacked, because the software "isn't even close to ready" for a September release, and added that that's why there have been "very few mentions of anything hardware wise," concluding "It's likely been delayed."

He goes on to suggest that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 won't launch until "at least October". After a bit more poking around, Weinbach presents more evidence of a delay, with the Galaxy Store user testing only happening for the Z Flip 5G and Note 20, and while there's a carrier testing the Fold 2, it's a recent addition and would usually happen much more in advance of a smartphone's release. 

For the S20 series, carrier testing took place in January for a March launch, so if the same timeline applies, this also points to an October debut for the Fold 2 at the earliest. It's an important part of the process, as Weinbach notes:

"During carrier testing, carriers decide if they are going to support it, carry it, or even want it. A carrier could want it, have it go through testing and fail, then not carry it because it didn't pass their tests.

"Samsung can't launch a phone without having a definitive price, launch partners, final software, etc."

Whether this means Samsung will opt not to show off anything related to the Fold 2 remains to be seen. After the troubled Fold launch, the company will want to instil a measure  of confidence in consumers as well as building interest; that may happen at Unpacked with a brief mention or tease, or Samsung could simply gloss over the Fold 2 until it's ready to launch.

We don't have too long to wait to find out, with just over three weeks left until Unpacked. 

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