Samsung set to reveal two Galaxy tablets to demolish Apple's iPad Pro

Next month's Galaxy Tab reveal will unveil a contender to the iPad Pro

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
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Samsung's Unpacked event is all but confirmed for August 5 and it's going to have quite a lineup based on what we've heard so far, with a 5G variant of the Galaxy Z Flip, a brand new colourway for the 4G Flip and the Note 20 debut, as well as the Galaxy Watch 3 - all set to release a few weeks later, at the end of August.

The latest leak suggests a couple of impressive-sounding tablets will also be joining the lineup next month, with two of them (code-named Palette) set to take on the iPad Pro.

According to Gizmodo UK's insider, who's shown the outlet internal Samsung documents, the two new tablets placeholder names are Palette 1 and Palette 2; whether they're part of the S range or whether Samsung has a different moniker for them altogether isn't known. There's certainly an overarching theme at play here, taking into account the Note 20's alleged Canvas code-name.   

The tablets are going to be the biggest we've seen from the Korean manufacturer yet, with both being touted as more powerful, more responsive, and offering a better viewing experience. Palette 2 will be the pinnacle of these traits, while Palette 1 will presumably be less expensive and not quite on a par, and thus is the cheapest of the two options. 

The improved 'viewing experience' likely alludes to the refresh rate; we may see a 90Hz display on the Palette 1, which gets bolstered to 120Hz with the even better Palette 2.  

Other areas of improvement that sound like they're worth getting excited about include a revamped S Pen, improved keyboard, multi-finger recognition, and the overall statement that they'll be more 'computer like'. That vision comes through even in the pre-order bonus of a keyboard, indicating that Samsung is positioning the Palettes as laptop alternatives. 

Samsung's documents specifically call out the iPad Pro, saying that by comparison, the two new tablets are more affordable than their Apple counterparts. 

Both models will be available in black and silver, and are set to go on sale in early September to share a release window with Samsung's slew of new products following Unpacked. 

Expect to fork out £629, £729, and £799 for the Palette 1 with WiFi, 4G, and 5G respectively. Palette 2 has no 4G variant, meaning it's either £799 for WiFi or £999 for 5G. Don't forget that price can be knocked down  bit thanks to Samsung's trade-in policy.

So if you're in the market for a new tablet, but don't want to fork out for the Apple logo, it sounds like the Palette range will be just the thing!

Source: Gizmodo UK

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