PS5 price survey shock over suggested console retail price

There's no way the PlayStation 5 price will be THIS low

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The price for the PS5 and its digital-only counterpart have yet to be officially confirmed by Sony, but the general consensus from industry veterans is that the new console will probably be around $499 - at a similar price point to Microsoft's Xbox Series X

But Sony may not have even decided on the price tag at this stage, based on a reddit user's report of a a Nielsen survey that indicates the console manufacturer is still weighing up the cost and retail price in an effort to hit the sweet spot with fans. 

Redditor u/youessbee claims to have taken part in the survey that presented participants with random pricing for the PlayStation 5 and the Digital Edition, which asked for feedback on a potential price of £349 ($436) for the PS5, and £259 ($324) for the PS5 Digital Edition. 

Obviously the most important thing to note here is that the prices are random, which explains why they're so low. Secondly, the reddit user provided a screenshot, so we can't verify the legitimacy of the claim. Talking about their previous experiences with pricing surveys, the redditor added that the products tend to hit the market with final price that's "around 20%" higher that the figures being bandied about by Nielsen. 

That would put the price of the PS5 at around £420 ($525) and the PS5 Digital Edition at £310 ($387). Another note is that products rarely sell at a straight conversion between territories.

Sony has fumbled on console pricing before with the PS3, which missed the mark by being too expensive and saw gamers turn to the cheaper Xbox 360 instead. It recovered with the PS4 which has gone on to become the second best-selling console to date - behind the PS2.

While we think the survey and the reddit post should be taken with a pinch of salt, the £100 price difference between the two models is something we've seen before, in a leak about the price of the PS5 and its accessories

We think this is closer to reality than the sub-£400 prices, offering gamers a cheaper option within the same ecosystem, so they won't jump ship if the cost of the PS5 makes them balk. 

From what we've heard so far, the next-gen hardware is impressive, allowing developers to create 'movie quality' graphics with their game engines. Of course Sony needs to recoup the expenses on what is no doubt a very costly machine, but the path to success this next console generation is going to hinge on the price. The PS5 needs to hit a sweet spot with consumers, and surveys like this aim to figure out exactly where that is - and hopefully, it'll be less than £500.   

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