Amazon Echo Dot with Clock smart speaker is now HALF PRICE!

The Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker just got an incredible price cut

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock
(Image credit: Amazon)

T3's Summer Savings week has started, where you can browse the very best summer sales from the biggest retailers going, and right now Amazon is leading the charge with some truly fantastic deals.

Case in point – the awesome new Amazon Echo Dot with Clock is now half price, with a gigantic 50% cut off its normal cost.

That's the fantastic new version of the Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker with built-in LED screen, allowing it to display the time, notifications, timers, the temperature and more, too.

As a bedside alarm clock radio it is absolutely perfect, and it is now half price.

The full details of the deal can be viewed below:

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock| was £59.99 | now £29.99 | Available at Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock| was £59.99 | now £29.99 | Available at Amazon
This is a brilliant summer deal from Amazon, allowing you to pick up the excellent, 5-star rated Amazon Echo Dot with Clock smart speaker and home hub for just £29.99. That's a straight 50% price cut. It also comes with free delivery.

In T3's official Amazon Echo Dot with Clock review we bestowed upon it a maximum 5-star score, with us impressed by its "stylish design", "new LED display"  and "good audio reproduction". At this price, it's an absolute steal in our mind.

The LED display addition to the Dot with Clock really makes a massive difference in terms of two usage cases, too. With the addition of a visible clock, this smart speaker is perfect as a bedside table radio alarm clock, while with its ability to display timers, even better suited to a kitchen placement.

Basically, this is the ultimate Echo Dot with Clock to own, which is why we think this half price deal is so good. It delivers top-tier tech for cheap.

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