Samsung Galaxy Tab UK Amazon price drops to £680

Retailer site also claiming November 1st release date

Samsung's 7-inch tablet still brandishing a wallet-hating price tag

Amazon UK now lists the Samsung Galaxy Tab at £679.99 after it was previously priced in at a hefty £799.99 on the online retailer site.

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Samsung has still yet to officially announce details on a price or release date for its Android tablet device, but eyebrows were understandably raised when Amazon revealed that the unlocked and SIM-free Galaxy Tab would be a £100 more than the highest specced iPad.


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Amazon still lists the RRP for the 16GB model as £800, but having reduced the price by more than £100, it's certainly a step in the right direction.

The Galaxy Tab which features a 1GHz processor, Google's Android 2.2, FroYo operating system and a front facing camera for video calls, is also tipped to launch on November 1st.

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