Samsung Galaxy Tab owners just got a great free Android 13 update

The most-wanted Android 13 update is now rolling out to the Galaxy Tab S7 and S8

Samsung Galaxy Android tablet in black colorway on white background
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The best Samsung phones aren't the only Samsung devices to get the much-wanted Android 13 and One UI 5.0 update. The best Android tablets are getting the update too, and the latest ones to benefit are the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and more versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.

The Galaxy Tab S8 was already getting the Android update last week, but that was limited to the 5G versions. This week the rollout is expanding to include the Wi-Fi models too, as well as older Galaxy Tab models. 

Which Galaxy Tab models are getting Android 13?

Sammobile is tracking the ongoing rollout of the Samsung Android 13 update, and as it reports the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ both began to get the update this week via a firmware update. The Fan Edition (FE) version hasn't got the update yet, but the roadmap appears to indicate a late-November release for that one.

If you're in Europe and you have the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, S7+ or a Wi-Fi only S8, you should get a software update notification pretty much immediately. If it hasn't turned up, it might be worth checking manually by going into Settings > Software Update > Download and Install.

This is a really worthwhile update, not just because it offers the usual security improvements but because there's much more customisation available to you, some worthwhile interface improvements and a big performance boost if you use Samsung's DeX software for a more laptop-like experience. 

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