Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 release date, redesign and refreshed features revealed

Samsung's second-gen smart tracker will be available from next week

Samsung SmartTag 2
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has announced a second generation smart tracker in the form of the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2.

It has been completely redesigned, so looks different to the first SmartTag and SmartTag Plus, while a few new features make the device a bit smarter.

There's the addition of a Lost Mode, which gives owners the opportunity to associate contact information via a digital message. That way, anyone who finds the tracker can simply scan the tag and see the info. It would work well with a pet, for example – you can attach a SmartTag 2 to a dog's collar, say, and have his or her name plus your phone number appear when scanned.

Lost Mode works with any phone capable of interacting through NFC.

Compass View has been improved, which now guides owners to their lost tracker more accurately. It now shows distance from and directions to the SmartTag 2.

The dedicated app has been update too. with a full screen map view and better, more intuitive interface.

Samsung also claims that battery life has been significantly enhanced. A new power saving mode can see charge last for up to 700 days – that's more than twice as long as previous models.

In normal mode, the SmartTag 2 should still last around 500 days without needing a replacement battery.

The tracker is IP67 rated for water and dust resistance, while its pet-friendliness extends to another special mode for taking a dog on a lengthy walks, using the Pet Walking mode.

As with the previous models, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 will only work with Samsung Galaxy devices. They will also need to be ultra-wideband enabled (which includes phones from the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and up.

You will also need a Samsung account and to register the device on SmartThings Find.

It will roll out globally next week, from 11 October 2023, and is reported to cost around $30 in the US. That's roughly the same price as the existing smart tracker, which is around £25 in the UK.

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