Your old Samsung smartphone just scored you a free meal – here's how

Samsung's handing $10 over to all eligible Galaxy S4 owners

Galaxy S4 Free Money Compensation Claim
(Image credit: 123RF)

Remember the Samsung Galaxy S4? You know, Samsung's flagship from 2013? Well, it could be about to score you a free dinner, a couple of movies on Amazon Prime Video, or maybe even a self-stirring mug – so long as you keep the total under $10.

Samsung has agreed to award a maximum of $10 to eligible (former and current) Galaxy S4 owners for bundling code on the handset that temporarily increased the speed of its Snapdragon processor while benchmarking software was running.

The decision came after the firm agreed to settle a five-year-long lawsuit for misleading customers. As part of the settlement, it also agreed to refrain from using the same tactics until 2022, so it could be back to its old tricks with the Galaxy S13.

Samsung is yet to announce how customers can claim for their $10 share of the total $2.8m pot. All we know is that the funds have been set aside exclusively for customers in the United States, as that's where the lawsuit was raised and settled.

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