Samsung Galaxy S24 range tipped for a top processor upgrade

New leaks suggest Samsung have u-turned again – but this time it's a good thing!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review
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It's a very exciting time to be a Samsung fan right now. After the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, rumours have begun to emerge about a host of other devices from the brand.

That includes new product categories altogether. We've heard about the Samsung XR headset, which has been rumoured for a while now. Recent leaks have also pointed to a Samsung Galaxy Ring, which would mark the first smart ring for the brand.

That's slated to launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy S24 range – and that's the device which is taking headlines today. There has been a lot of back and forth on the rumours for this device, and that shows no signs of changing.

That's because the latest leak suggests that all models in all regions will stick with Snapdragon processors – specifically the as-yet-unreleased Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. It's a noteworthy leak. The news comes from Tech_Reve, a tech tipster who enjoys a handsome reputation for leaks about impending products.

So why is it so important? Well, for a while now, rumours have suggested that Samsung would revert to their own in-house Exynos chips for the new range – and it caused some serious trepidation among Android phone fans.

On the current Samsung Galaxy S23 range, the decision was made to use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in all models. That was widely applauded, as previous Samsung phones using Exynos chips were considered sub-par by comparison.

After several months of rumours suggesting that Samsung would revert back to the Exynos range, this news comes as a breath of fresh air. It's not even necessarily that the in-house chips are bad, either. Samsung are said to have worked relentlessly to improve on the quality of those processors, in a bid to undo the fortunes of the last range.

But those experiences are not exactly old news. While the efforts are valid, they may have come a little too soon for users who still have a slightly bad taste in their mouths.

Of course, were still some way from the expected launch date for these handsets, too. Samsung tend to launch new devices in this range around the start of the year. Historically, that has been in February, though some rumours have suggested a January date could be used this time.

Anything could change in that time. For now, then, we will just have to sit tight and wait for some more concrete details.

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