The Samsung Galaxy S24 could be here sooner than we thought – and not alone

While the new Android phone range arrives, an all new Samsung product is slated to as well

Samsung Galaxy Ring rumours
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The focus of the Android phone world for a few years now has been Samsung. They've been around for decades, and have firmly cemented their position as one of the top manufacturers in the space.

Their current crop – led by the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – are widely regarded as some of the top go to devices in the segment. They offer top hardware and software specs, and enjoy a handsome reputation as a household name.

Now, their successor – the Samsung Galaxy S24 range – is starting to appear in leaks. The latest of those comes from Tech_Reve, a popular tech insider who enjoys a good track record for leaking news about these kind of products.

While Reve doesn't bless us with a specific date, they do suggest a January launch. That's earlier than usual – new Samsung phones tend to drop in February. But it's also not the most exciting part of the leak.

See, Reve also suggests that the oft-rumoured Samsung Galaxy Ring will launch at the same time. That would be a big deal. The world of smart rings is growing massively right now, but we've still yet to see one of the real major brands enter the fray.

Currently, the market is dominated by brands like Ultrahuman and Oura. Those aren't exactly household names, though, which means you'll need to be clued up on the industry to know about them. 

When a brand like Samsung enters the fray, that could all change. People who aren't tech enthusiasts will still know about the brand, bringing the market to the attention of more people. That should feed more innovation in the space and lead the technology to get better and better.

Of course, it's still only a rumour for now. There's every possibility that something could change in the three or four months between now and the rumoured launch window. But we'll certainly be keeping our fingers crossed for something new and innovative from the Korean manufacturer.

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