Another leak points to a Samsung Galaxy Ring coming soon

The next Samsung launch event could give you another option instead of a smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Ring rumours
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If you're looking to track health and workout data, right now your best bet is to pick up one of the best smartwatches on the market. Those offer a wearable way to keep an eye on what is going on within your body.

If you aren't a fan of wearing a watch, or – like me – you already wear a more traditional watch, they aren't always the best option. Fortunately, there are alternatives. One of the most popular solutions is to wear a smart ring. These take the sensors from a smartwatch and pop them inside a ring, to wear on your finger.

Now, that market is looking set to get a shake up. Just yesterday, we heard news about a Samsung Galaxy Ring, which could become available early in the new year. The same source for that information is now back, with another good indicator that something is on the way.

Renowned tech tipster Tech_Reve, has shared an image of what looks like a ring icon, taken from the files of the Galaxy Wearable app. Reve enjoys a handsome reputation for leaking information about new technology products, which gives some added credence to the claims.

As for the leak itself? Well, it's pretty black and white. Three sizes of the icon can be seen, all of which depict a ring seen from a side angle. It's hard to think of anything else it could possibly represent.

So what do we know about the Samsung Galaxy Ring, so far? Well... not much. Not much at all, actually. A lot of what has been reported so far surrounds the production process, or speculates on what could be included.

Still, we can look to the market as a whole to get an idea of what they're going up against. We've seen devices like the Ultrahuman Ring Air and the Oura Ring take on lots of acclaim recently. Those devices offer a discrete method for tracking health and wellbeing, paired with an app on your phone.

I'd expect a Samsung device to follow that general theme. However, I'd surprised if they don't throw a few extra features in there too. I'd expect a focus on interaction with other devices in the brands' ecosystem – Samsung phones and Samsung TVs, for example.

We'll just have to wait and see what arrives. It's certainly a market worth keeping an eye on, though.

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