Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra fan made advert is both stunning and scarily authentic

This video is our best look yet and the incoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra flagship phone with S Pen digital stylus

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
(Image credit: Ice universe)

Amid talk that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series might get a delayed 2022 launch, we've now got our best look yet at the incoming S22 Ultra flagship courtesy of this really professional fan made advert.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra advert shows the S Pen-toting Android phone in use and from various angles, as well as getting close-ups both inside and out on its digital stylus. We also see the Galaxy S22 Ultra in three different colorways, including black, white and red.

The video here was posted on Twitter by user @blossomcy1201, who wrote that: "My friend made concept ad for S22 Ultra", before tagging in Samsung's own mobile leakster-in-chief Ice universe, who then replied stating, "Not bad".

The fact that Ice universe has said the advert is "not bad" reaffirms the accuracy of the video, while here at T3 we think the way it is shot and the music choice used is very reminiscent of how Samsung has been marketing its phones as of late.

So many details of the handset depicted here are 1-for-1 accurate with the latest leaks about the S22 Ultra, too, including an accurately designed camera array, screen bezel and curvature, S Pen digital stylus cavity placement and phone colorway options. The way the advert's designed as focused on the heavily rumored new red colorway makes perfect sense, too.

Indeed, from our point of view here at this is our best look yet at just what the real Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is going to look like in the real world when it launches next year.

As to when the Galaxy S22 Ultra will now launch is up for debate, with a January launch now looking unlikely due to the immergence of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition phone, which is now tipped for a quiet debut in the same month. February or March now looks most likely for an S22 series launch event.

Hopefully we'll hear more official information about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra handset soon, as it is already looking like a sure-fire new entry to T3's best Samsung phones buying guide.

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