Samsung Galaxy S21 outshines iPhone 13 with gorgeous custom color range – watch live

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked will be live streamed today and a new leak says we'll see some mouth-watering custom colorway

Samsung Galaxy S21 series
(Image credit: WinFuture)

Today, we're expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy S21 series to be unveiled live at the Samsung Unpacked event starting at at 7AM PST/ 10AM EST / 3PM GMT. You can watch that live event in the video embed further down the page.

Ahead of the event starting, leaks are still coming thick and fast on the three new handsets; the Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra. And to add to the buzz, the latest leak says that Samsung is set to launch a tantalizing set of custom colorways on top of its standard color variants this year. 

Samsung, ever the discerning designer, will reportedly bestow two custom colors on the Galaxy S21 Plus, with the Galaxy S21 Plus Ultra getting three custom colors.

The images published by Roland Quandt on WinFuture display a Phantom Titanium, Phantom Brown, and Phantom Navy for the Galaxy S21 Ultra model. These darker colorways work are certainly autumnal, but work just as well as we edge towards spring.

The Phantom Titanium variant has an air of armor: robust enough to stand up to the bangs and scrapes of everyday use, but also retains that luxury feel that we want to see in the flagship model. We think the Phantom Titanium model will visually flatter the stowable stylus that is set to come with the Ultra model. T3 covered what looks to be baked in docking space, speaking to the extra stylus storage that a case will afford, plus the added toughness.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is expected to have two custom colors: Phantom Gold, and Phantom Red. These will offset the darker palette in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model, as Samsung diversifies the offering for different users’ preferences. No custom colorways for the standard Samsung Galaxy S21 model, as of yet, which will likely just come in the base variants of Phantom White, Phantom Pink, Phantom Violet, and Phantom Gray.

It's another excitement builder for a brand mastering its promo game; yesterday, T3 covered a potential CES sighting of what could be a Samsung Galaxy Note S21 model. If you prefer something a little different, we can guide you towards a veritable selection of the best smartphones in our handpicked guide.  

Will we see these new custom colors in the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event today? Maybe, or perhaps Samsung was planning to hold these back as an extra surprise for when the handsets go on sale. Find out by watching the Samsung Unpacked live video below today from 7AM PST/ 10AM EST / 3PM GMT and catch all the concrete details of one of the year's most exciting product releases.


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