Forget Nespresso, this pod machine makes ice cream and frozen margaritas

ColdSnap cools things down with its sublime frozen treat dispenser shown off at CES 2021

ColdSnap Ice Cream
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ColdSnap is taking the ice-cream dispensing game (if there ever was one) to new, and lofty heights, with its pod-dispensed ice-cream-making.

It looks to be a game-changer for the rapid delivery of your favourite treats, and we can't wait to usher in the summer months with this latest gadget. 

It’s one of T3's favorite gadgets from CES 2021, and it’ll dish out, on cue, single-servings of the best in frozen treats. It’s much like a Nespresso coffee maker, but right at the other end of the thermometer. And it doesn't stop at ice cream: ColdSnap offers an abundance of frozen options, so you can dine until your heart's content.

Frozen margaritas, mango passionfruit smoothies, or maybe a dairy-free option for those who’re lactose intolerant: ColdSnap caters for the masses with its range of pods that can be simultaneously loaded, as the machine doesn’t require time to cool down again between treats. If you prefer to stick to coffee pods, though, head on over to T3's best Nespresso machine, which handpicks the best machines from the capsule coffee maker. 

ColdSnap's gadget is clever stuff, offering a no-prep, no-clean up process that takes the hassle out of serving frozen drinks and desserts. It’s all over in a few quick steps: select your favourite single-serve pod, place into the machine, give it 60-90 seconds for the contents to freeze, and the portion shall be served. 

It’s much less artisan, and less fuss, meaning you can go from no dessert to lots of dessert in less than two minutes – not bad for kitchenware, and has faint echoes of the Juicero. This 'cold-press' juicer co-opted a similar pod-style system, but instead delivered juice from bags of pre-chopped veg, as T3 covered a while ago now.

It makes use of what’s called ‘compressor/condenser’ technology, according to Matthew Fonte, president and Founder of ColdSnap, who developed the idea from initial sketches in ColdSnap's ‘invention journals’ (via USATODAY).

The ColdSnap dispenser looks set to launch fully in 2022 with a beta rollout expected to occur later this year. Prices have yet to be confirmed, but the dispenser is set to cost between $500 and $1,000, with pods costing $2.99 each. So, at the top end, users could be looking somewhere in the region of $1,000 / £730 / AU$1,291. If you can't wait that long, then T3's best ice cream maker should tide you over until the ColdSnap lands in the market. 

It’s hardly chump change, but when the weather warms, it could make a delicious change beyond the realms of Ben & Jerry’s. We'll await more news for now, but this is one to watch out for as the summer eventually arrives. 

(Source: cnet)

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