Samsung Galaxy S11 launch date REVEALED – and it's exactly when you expected

The company will launch its next flagship in February

Samsung Galaxy S11
(Image credit: Let'sGoDigital)

Samsung will announce the Samsung Galaxy S11 at a dedicated so-called 'Unpacked' event in San Francisco on February 18 2020, online fansite SamMobile has learned.

This will make the Samsung Galaxy S11 the sixth flagship Galaxy smartphone to have been announced in February and the third to have been launched in San Francisco.

However, SamMobile notes that the date should be taken with a considerable pinch of salt, as it was unable to verify the authenticity of its source of the information.

Even if the specific date is inaccurate, it's safe to assume that the launch will take place in the third week of September – in line with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S Series Launch Event Dates

  • Samsung Galaxy – April 2009
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 – February 2011
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 – May 2012
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – March 2013
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – February 2014
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 – April 2015
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 – February 2016
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 – March 2017
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 – February 2018
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 – February 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is rumoured to feature a huge a 108MP rear-facing camera with a five-times optical zoom and could be available with 1TB of storage to boot.

It may even ship with a spectrometer, which will let users measure everything from how dehydrated they are to the number of calories in a McDonald's Big Mac.

Plus, there's a chance, albeit a slim one, it will tout a buttonless design and will debut alongside a new accessory that'll turn incoming notifications into holograms.

So the rumours are about as far-fetched as can be, but that will finally change when the first proper leaks start to emerge from Samsung's manufacturing facilities in China.

With the device scheduled to launch in February, we shouldn't have to wait too much longer until that becomes a reality, as it should enter production in the near future.

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