Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ to parry Apple iPhone 12 attack with this next-gen weapon

Apple's new iPhone 12 needs to be ready for this new piece of tasty Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ hardware

Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ Apple iPhone 12
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Recently there have been plenty of Apple iPhone 12 leaks indicating just how special the new handset is going to be, including one very exciting info drop about the new iPhone's rapid A14 Bionic System on a Chip (SoC), with leaked benchmarks supposedly showing that the new processor outperforms the best Android currently has to offer.

Indeed, rumours that the A14 would be the first mainstream mobile chip to hit 3GHz have been circulating for a while now and this, in partnership with the leaked benchmarks, had painted a bleak picture for future Android phone releases in 2020, as it seemed like Apple had won the processor war before it had already even begun.

A fresh leak from Samsung's Leakster-in-Chief Ice universe, though, has just poured a good dose of water on that new iPhone fire, as it is reported that the incoming  Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ flagship is set to bring a brand new tech weapon to the table come August.

That tech weapon? The Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ is going to come locked and loaded with Qualcomm's yet to be released Snapdragon 865+ SoC, and according to the new leaked Geekbench 4 benchmark scores, it reportedly boasts a frequency of 3.09GHz.

This is big deal if true, as firstly it means that a Samsung will beat Apple in bringing a mainstream flagship phone to market with a 3GHz+ frequency processor and, secondly, it will instil faith in Android phone users across the world that they are not going to be brutally outperformed when it comes round to SoC performance.

How the Snapdragon 865+ compares to the A14 Bionic in a wide-range of benchmark scores remains to seen. However, with the A14 tipped as having moved to a 5nm manufacturing process, chances are the Apple chip will still come out trumps on paper. But, as phone users know, performance on paper and performance in the real world often don't sit neatly side by side.

Regardless of what the final numbers say, this 865+ development will be music to Samsung Galaxy users' ears, as well as Android phone users in general. We're huge fans of the Note series here at T3, too, and now can't wait to get our hands on the Note 20+ and put it through its paces. Hopefully we will learn more about the Note 20+ and Apple iPhone 12 sooner rather than later.

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