The Nintendo Switch Lite is still available at this hiding in plain sight retailer

Looking to pick up a Nintendo Switch Lite to game on during the lockdown? Move quickly and it's yours

Nintendo Switch Lite
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The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite video game console are now largely sold out throughout the UK, with gamers facing lockdown making sure they are covered in terms of entertainment by grabbing a system while they can.

Unfortunately, this has led to many gamers and families struggling to find a Switch Lite console in time, and are now facing long delays before extra stock land and grotesquely inflated scalper prices on popular online auction sites. 

Luckily, though, connecting people with top deals on the tech they want is a specialism at T3 and our dedicated deals hunting team has tracked down a regularly priced Nintendo Switch Lite stockist hiding in plain site.

Yes, the official Nintendo Store has the Switch Lite in stock, and in stock in its yellow, turquoise and grey colourways, too, meaning that no matter the variant you were looking for, you can now bag the console and for a regular price.

In stock Nintendo Switch Lite deals

Nintendo Switch Lite | Yellow | £199.99 | Available now

Nintendo Switch Lite | Yellow | £199.99 | Available now
Nintendo itself now has stock of the Nintendo Switch Lite in its yellow colourway for a regular retail price of £199.99. Free delivery is included.

Nintendo Switch Lite | Turquoise | £199.99 | Available now

Nintendo Switch Lite | Turquoise | £199.99 | Available now
The attractive turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite variant is also still in stock at the official Nintendo Store and, as with the deal above, will be delivered to your door free.

Nintendo Switch Lite | Grey | £199.99 | Available now

Nintendo Switch Lite | Grey | £199.99 | Available now
The grey Switch Lite, which is ideal for those gamers who desire a more mature aesthetic, is also available at the official Nintendo Store. Free delivery is included in the price.

Nintendo's official store appeared to be one of the first places to sell out of regular Switch consoles, and right now the store is a no-Switch wasteland. All the regular consoles are sold out, as too the bundles.

The Switch Lite seems to heading the same way, too, with the Coral colourway pre-order now sold out along with all the Switch Lite Star Bundles, which included a console with a game.

And, with stock running dry across retailers, these in-stock Switch Lite consoles at the official Nintendo Store will no doubt not last long, so our advice to anyone looking to pick up a system is that they do it fast as, maybe within even an hour, it could be too late.

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