Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ video shows REAL PHONE in use before unveiling

Samsung isn't going to be happy at all

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
(Image credit: Sunny_Lin / Weibo)

Well, that's the cat well and truly out of the bag. Say hello to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, which has just been shown off in full thanks to a video captured on a subway train that shows the super-sized new flagship in use.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ video leak comes mere days before the Note 10 range of phones is due to be officially unveiled at Samsung's Unpacked event, and shows the phone being used to write and send a message and then watch a music video.

The Note 10 video reveal here, which was posted up by a user on social media site Weibo, will no doubt infuriate Samsung, which appears to have just had its grand unveiling ruined in the most brutal way possible. Here is the South Korean maker's hot new flagship, being used in the real world, in a user's very hands.

Indeed, when you consider that up to this point the only thing Samsung has officially shown off via video for its much-anticipated new phone is 10 seconds of a stylus rotating around a camera lens, the fact that the entire phone has just been unceremoniously shown off must be gutting.

That said, though, Samsung very much seems to have brought this upon themselves, as the amount of image and info leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 over the past couple of months have been quite simply staggering, and we are now in a position where we pretty much know everything about the device before its launch (check out our super-detailed Note 10 guide for the info).

The only details about the phones that still have very little concrete information backing them up right now is how much the Note 10 and Note 10+ are going to cost, and when they'll be made available to buy. The good news on this front, though, is that the most recent reports indicate that the new Note will cost no more than last year's Galaxy Note 9, and that it will hit stores on or around August 21, 2019.

The other good news for Note fans is that Samsung has opened an official sign-up to be notified about when Note 10 pre-orders go live, meaning that you can be first in line to secure one the range's new devices.

T3 will naturally be covering the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch tomorrow at Samsung Unpacked, so be sure to check back in to the site from 1pm PST / 4PM EDT ( 9PM BST) for our official take on the new hardware, as well as confirmed pricing and release date info.

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