The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 secret hidden in plain sight

The concealed detail Samsung didn't think you'd spot

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
(Image credit: Samsung)

On 2 July Samsung confirmed the date for its upcoming Samsung Unpacked event, which is where its eagerly anticipated Galaxy Note 10 smartphone is set to be unveiled.

That confirmation came via an official teaser invite video, which briefly shows a black S Pen digital stylus first drawing and then pointing towards a single camera lens, with the stylus swooping around the screen in a clockwise direction before settling at 12 o'clock above the camera. You can watch the video below now.

The words "Unpacked | August 7, 2019", "Live on" and "Samsung Galaxy" then appear either side. The video, in its entirety lasts no more than 16 seconds, and while it does reveal when we're going to see the Note 10 almost certainly be unveiled, it doesn't seem to offer any substantial details about the new device other than indicating the phone could have a center hole punch display cutout and a stylus.

Or does it? Well, actually, it looks like it does, and almost everyone (including T3) missed it. Luckily, Samsung leakster-in-chief Iceuniverse, who has a respected insider status in relation to the South Korean smartphone maker, spotted what no one else seemingly did, and revealed the hidden in plain sight secret on Twitter.

That's right. If you look closely as the S Pen digital stylus rotates around the screen and watch its shadow, you'll notice that it isn't just black as you would expect, but actually reflects a colourway that almost perfectly matches that of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Prism Silver (also called Magic Silver), with its colour-changing blue-yellow-silver-red flashes.

The effect is, admittedly, very subtle in the video, so it is understandable how even after repeated watching you could miss the hidden detail. However, once seen it cannot be unseen.

Iceuniverse believes that "this means that Note10 will have a similar color" option to the Prism Silver S10 Plus variant at launch, and after watching the video over and over again, we think he very well may be on to something. Whether or not this will be a new colourway that is offered on top of the existing Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Metallic Copper, Lavendar Purple and Alpine White options that were offered with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, or a replacement for one of them, remains to be seen, though.

To see if we do get a colour-changing Galaxy Note 10 be sure to check back in to on August 7, 2019, where we will be reporting on Samsung Unpacked live.

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