Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 leak reveals Huawei Mate XS-beating changes

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is set to sport a HUGE 7.2" screen and massive camera system

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is set to arrive in July. The Fold 2 is said to improve upon the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, which was plagued with issues on release - eventually causing the device to be relaunched later in the year. We’ve heard lots of new information about the Fold 2, but new leaks confirm this could be Samsung’s best foldable yet. 

Supply chain consultant Ross Young leaked several Galaxy Fold 2 details on his Twitter account. According to Young, the phone’s front display is set to receive a big size increase, interrupted only by a punch-hole camera. Check out the leaked specs below:

The phone’s huge 6.23” front display looks set to be a far cry from the original Fold’s paltry 4.6” preview screen. The phone’s screen only has a 60Hz refresh rate, which is a far cry from the highly advanced 120Hz displays used by many modern premium smartphones. Foldables are still fairly experimental, so flagship features may take a while to filter down to folding phones.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for camera setups. A separate leak by XDADevelopers’ Max Weinbach found the camera was the same as the Samsung Galaxy S20+. Although the high refresh rate displays of the S20 series haven’t made it to the Fold yet, the highly advanced camera from the flagships will.

If the Fold is 6.23” when folded, how big will the phablet be while open? Concept designer Ben Geskin did a mockup spanning 7.2”, as seen below:

The expansive screen would be perfect to interface with the S Pen, the state-of-the art stylus included in the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Rumours of the S Pen making its way to the Fold (or even the Fold joining the Note series altogether) have persisted, which makes sense with all that screen space to work across.

How much will the phone cost? Folding smartphones are currently at a premium due to foldable glass being an emerging technology, so a high-spec foldable with an advanced camera system and a state-of-the-art stylus is sure to be pricey. We’ll know more for sure when the handset is unveiled later in the year. 

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