Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 official, more than just another fitness tracker

Much-rumoured sports watch now fully unveiled

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3
(Image credit: Samsung)
Quick Summary

Samsung's Galaxy fit 3 fitness tracker is finally official and it comes with a new design and several new features. There's 13-day battery life on board too.

It will be available from tomorrow, 23 February 2024.

After several weeks of speculation, Samsung has finally launched its new fitness watch.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 comes with a fresh design that makes it look more like a smartwatch than a mere fitness tracker, with an aluminium casing and much wider display in comparison with the Galaxy Fit 2.

It is again dedicated to helping you keep track of health and wellness data, including workouts, plus sleep patterns. However, it can also be used with a Galaxy phone for general, daily activities. You can use it to control media without getting your device out of your pocket, for example, or as a remote control for the phone's camera.

Of course, the Samsung Health functionality is the keystone for the Fit 3. It comes with advanced sleep monitoring tools, being comfortable enough to be worn all night and able to track patterns, even detect snoring.

Blood oxygen levels can also be tracked and the device can provide users with personalised sleep coaching.

There are over 100 workouts built into the Galaxy Fit 3, so specific data on different activities can be captured. There's IP68 water and dust proofing so the wearable can be worn outdoors on a run, say, without worrying that it will be damaged by the weather.

Other features include fall detection and emergency SOS, with the latter giving wearers the ability to alert emergency services, simply by pressing the side button five times.

Battery life is claimed to last up to 13 days, while over 100 preset watch faces can be selected to customise the device. You can also use your own photos as backgrounds,

"Our newest fitness tracker, the Galaxy Fit 3 underscores our commitment to providing accessible resources that encourage everyday wellness and inspire everyone to work on their best self," said Samsung's head of mobile experience for the Philippines, Blue Avelino.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 is available from tomorrow, 23 February 2023, in gray, silver and pink gold. Pricing is yet to be revealed.

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