Runners need to try these 3 exercises to run more efficiently and prevent injuries

Add these to your warm up and you'll be flying!

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How many of you runners out there want to run better? All of you, of course! Hopefully, you all do a warm-up before heading off (if not, we’ve got five running warmup exercises that take no longer than 3 minutes and also, what are you playing at?). Now, how many of you prioritise core exercises before heading off? The core plays a major role during your run, and these three exercises will help strengthen those ‘deep core muscles’, so you can perform even faster.

It’s understandable that the core may not be at the forefront of your mind before you lace up your best running shoes and dash out the door. When we think ‘run’, our mind immediately goes to legs, feet and cardiovascular health, so what’s our core got to do with it? Well, our core helps to stabilise us and a strong one can prevent back pain, reduce the risk of injury and prevent any missteps during your trials.

Better form during your run means better performance. If you don’t work on your core, then incorporating these three moves into your run's warm-up routine will make a huge difference.

These three core exercises shared by Nike Coach David Carson fire up your deep core muscles, as opposed to the rectus abdominis (which are your aesthetic ‘ab’ muscles). They may not seem like the most ‘exciting’ core exercises, but the point is they work. Here’s what they are: 

  • Dead bugs
  • Bird dog
  • Side plank with leg lift

We get that a side plank can be tricky enough for some, let alone having to lift your leg as well. If this is you, then don’t worry about your leg. If that’s still too hard, then drop down to your knees. Take your time with these exercises so you really engage with your core. If you just whizz through them, you won’t reap the benefits. Aim for 10 reps of each exercise on each side and repeat at least two times, three ideally. 

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