Ram-raid Super Drug: Smile Makers give a techy boost to 'Orgasm Day' this Friday

New ladies' self massagers add wit and smart design, remove guilt and shame, from the sex-toy market

Hot on the heels of the MysteryVibe lady's home tickling device, released during 'Masturbation Month', yes really, here are the Smile Makers, just in time for 'Orgasm Day'. Yes, it's that magical day each year when we celebrate orgasms. Just the one day per year.

The range, from left to right, includes The Millionaire, The Frenchman, The Fireman and The Tennis Coach. What makes them unusual, apart from the fact that The Frenchman resembles a shoe horn, is that they're to be sold in "shops that women use as part of their everyday lives." That's according to the press release.

Now, when thinking of shops that women use as part of their everyday lives, we might think of clothing stores, perhaps nail bars, or just your basic supermarket type of shops. But in fact, the press release suggests, specifically, "Shops that women use as part of their everyday lives, such as a pharmacy." And then, even more specifcally, "Super Drug".

So in other words, it's a range of inexpensive vibrators sold at a major high-street shop, perhaps next to the electric toothbrushes. Smile Makers believe that "self pleasure is an important part of wellbeing and feeling good" - don't we all? - and while Super Drug mightn't be the sexiest place, it is certainly a friendly and popular shop.

Each of the personal entertainment devices in the Smile Maker range has different characteristics. So The Fireman, for instance, features "an intense nose, exhilirating tip, and 'soft flames' for extra sensation…"

While The Frenchman resembles a shoe horn. These chic feminine relaxation products also use "the best silicon available" and are guaranteed "completely safe for your body," which is good to know.

Snark aside, anything that treats sex as a natural thing that people do, like buying toothpaste and aspirin, as opposed to a source of shame and guilt, is okay by T3, and we think the witty packaging and design of these intimate exercisers is great. Will we be reviewing them shortly? Watch this space. Ahem.

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