PS5 video: We just can't stop gazing at this stunning PlayStation 5 design

This Sony PS5 design in this video is simply gorgeous

Sony PS5 PlayStation 5
(Image credit: ConceptCreator)

The Sony PS5 is coming and, after its dramatic DualSense controller reveal, a wave of passionate gamers have started dreaming of exactly what the next-gen PlayStation 5 video game console is going to look like.

Even what gamers thought to be a concerted effort to discredit the PS5 with a "fear, uncertainty and doubt" attack could not quell the rapid surge of excitement for the PlayStation 5 over the last few weeks, and that culminated in a series of interesting concept designs of the console being created.

Now, though, respected tech designer Concept Creator has taken imagining what the PlayStation 5 will look like when it is released to whole new levels of awesome with this introductory PS5 video:

There's simply loads to love about this PlayStation 5 concept design. Firstly just look at those lines! So clean and modern, radiating a powerful futuristic presence. Next, that thin light bar that indents itself at the front of the console beneath the disc drive slot just looks class and echos the light bar on the DualSense controller perfectly. The two tone finish is also just lush.

We also love just how thin the PS5 in this concept video is, appearing much thinner than even the PlayStation 4 Slim, and also the fact that we see both the console and the DualSense controller coming in both white and black colourways. Round the back of the console we also see a PlayStation 5 system equipped with a bevy of ports, including HDMI, Ethernet, and a T3 favourite, digital optical audio.

We also love the cheeky little detail that the game being slotted into the Sony PlayStation 5 console is none other than Grand Theft Auto VI, and the disc clearly shows that the game is set in London, too, which is what a lot of gamers have wanted for many years.

Overall, we think it is one the best PS5 concept designs we've seen to date and if the official system looks anywhere near this good when it is released then we're sure gamers the world over will be very happy indeed. Hopefully we will finally see what the official PlayStation 5 looks like soon, as we can't wait to unbox the next-gen console and get stuck into some jaw-dropping PS5 games.

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