PS5 news: NEW PlayStation 5 designs echo DualSense controller

The all-new gamepad gave us a “sense” what PS5 looks like

(Image credit: Robo3687)

The PS5’s new DualSense controller dropped this week to great surprise, and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before from Sony. The classic DualShock name and shape have been dropped in favour of an elegant, half-moon two-tone controller. 

All the rumoured features such as haptic feedback and an in-built microphone were present, but Sony also dropped a few surprises on us by replacing the Share button with a new “create” function. 

However, we also look at this as a test-run, as Sony gauges how gamers will react to an all-new, all-different looking PS5. After all, the controller has to stylistically gel with the console, so the two-tone curved controller provides hints as to design elements of the PS5. 

In the last few days, creative-minded gamers have taken elements of the new controller and created a bunch of awesome-looking digital renders of the PS5 console. 

Reddit user Robo3687 has created a series of renders showcasing the PS5 as a square black tower, similar to the Xbox Series X, with a white porcelain-effect wraparound to create the two-tone effect. The sole vent at the top really echoes the Series X’s design and the disk drive is embedded at the bottom, with blue LEDs stylistically echoing the controller’s light-up elements. 

PS5 render

(Image credit: Robo3687)

However, the elements that echo the Xbox Series X could make this PS5 design unlikely to be adopted. The two-layer wraparound also makes this unlikely: the Xbox Series X has the capacity to either lie flat or stand up, and the design looks geared towards a tower orientation only. 

Elsewhere, another design by Twitter user Gauffeman, made in the PS4’s Dreams software, has a look very reminiscent of the PS3 with a two-tone black and white casing. The “V” shaped indent at the top is a subtle nod to the development kits, which came with a v-shape casing and is reflected in icons in the UI. 


(Image credit: Gauffreman)

This is a more likely design than the one originating from Reddit. It isn’t a carbon copy of the Xbox Series X, builds on what came before in older PlayStation consoles, and is clearly designed to operate both in a horizontal and vertical capacity. 

It’s worth bearing in mind these are all fan renders, but they’re based on the leaks and revealed specs we’ve seen so far, in addition to the DualSense controller. We can certainly expect some elements of these designs to make their way into the finished product. 

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