Where to buy PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles: Here's where they're in stock now

Updated to help you lock down a great deal on PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles

PS4 Pro
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Trying to snag a great deal on a PS4 or PS4 Pro is hard work right now. The self-isolation guidelines are causing everyone to stay at home and, well, play videogames all day. Loads of stores are completely devoid of PS4s at the time of writing, although great bundles are being restocked on a daily basis.

To make matters worse, the global health crisis is interrupting shipments and manufacturing all across the tech and gaming industries. And that is what we've seen over the last couple of weeks, with many of the most popular retailers now in a position where their store shelves and warehouses empty. 

All is not lost, though, as the PS4, the PS4 Pro and its bundle deals are still in stock at a few retailers, and at regular wallet-friendly price points, too. You just need to know where to look. Below you can find the best in stock deals:


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Sony PS4 Pro 1TB, Spider-Man and Lego Movie 2 bundle | now £349.99 at Smyths Toys (opens in new tab)
A great 1TB PS4 Pro deal with two awesome games: one of which was one of the standout single-player experiences of last year. Marvel's Spider-Man, the critically acclaimed PS4 adaptation of the webslinger's early years, fizzed off to franchiseville after its roaring success, while the LEGO games have gone from strength to strength, making this movie version a good one for younger gamers.

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Sony PS4 500GB Console | now £249.99 at Argos (opens in new tab)
All of Sony's PS4 games bundles are out of stock at Argos. However, the retailer still has the basic console, the 1TB version (opens in new tab) and the PS4 Pro (opens in new tab) available at their base prices. If you're stuggling for a console solution, you can swipe a console here and pick up the games separately: fortunately, Argos still has loads of individual games available. 

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Sony PS4 500GB, God of War and Spider-Man| now £279.99 at Curry's (opens in new tab)
"BOY! Curry's has PS4s back in stock!" Get immersed in God of War, the game that's a shining example of how to reinvent a tired franchise, although it's hardly a shining example of fatherhood. Oh, and it also includes the fantastic Spider-Man too, all for under £300. If you like action games, this is your lockdown solution. 

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Sony PS4 Pro 1TB in glacier white and Destiny 2 | now £349.99 at GAME (opens in new tab)
Most of GAME's cheaper PS4 and PS4 Pro bundles are selling out very quickly, but this fantastic deal on a glacier white Pro and Destiny 2 is back in stock. Grab it now.


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