Stunning PS5 is the console loyal Sony PlayStation gamers deserve

Sony PlayStation 5 design shows just how gorgeous the PS5 is set to be

Sony PS5 PlayStation 5
(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

Judging by how futuristic and gorgeous the PS5 official controller is, we think it fair to say that the PlayStation 5 console itself is going to be one hell of a looker when it is released.

And now, thanks to this gorgeous PS5 design courtesy of LetsGoDigital, we can all get a taste for just how aesthetically pleasing the PlayStation 5 should be, which the all white and black DualSense controller matched with white and black consoles.

The PS5 consoles can be viewed in full in the below image gallery:

There's loads of nice details in these PS5 concept images, too, such as the fact that the systems stand, when in a vertical orientation, on traditional PlayStation square, circle, triangle and cross feet.

In addition, the console comes with a gorgeous tapering design that is accentuated by two light strips that run the length of the system, from top to bottom, on either side. These light strips glow blue, indicating the console is on.

Round the back of the console we find a selection of ports, too, including digital optical audio, HDMI, USB and networking. These are partnered with a brace of front-mounted USB ports, a traditional power and eject button, and a series of stylish oblong cooling vents.

We think this PlayStation 5 console design looks gorgeous and, simply put, if Sony ended up releasing the PS5 with it we'd not bat an eyelid. Sony's original PlayStation 4 was very stylish, with sharp clean lines and attractive two-tier finish, and this system evokes that attention to detail.

What the real PS5 looks like remains unknown right now, but we think it fair to say that gamers the world over don't want it to look anything like the supposedly leaked dev kits that have been making the rounds over the past couple of years. Loyal PlayStation gamers deserve better than that.

Hopefully we will see more of the official PlayStation 5 console sooner rather than later.

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