Sony has changed the PS5 and you won't even have noticed

A new update to the internal design of the PS5 makes the system lighter and more efficient

PS5 console side shot
(Image credit: Sony)

The internal design of the latest PlayStation 5 models has received a complete overhaul and as a result, has seemingly made the console lighter and more energy efficient.  

As discovered by YouTuber Austin Evans (first spotted by The Verge), the biggest difference between the original PS5 1000 series and 2021's 1100 model is that the new 1200 series – which began to roll out in Australia in August – is that the motherboard's size has been reduced by approximately two inches. It was also noted that a further heat pipe has been added to the back of the system along with a smaller heatsink, most notably improving cooling.

When it comes to how heavy each one is, Evans positioned each console on a set of scales with the new 1200 series coming in at around half a kilo less than the original model at 3.302 kilos. For comparison, the 1100 series also dropped in weight to 3.547 kilos from the 1000 series 

Check out Austin Evan's breakdown of the new PS5 below: 

Another test showed that the new PS5 model uses close to 30 watts less than its predecessors, making it more energy efficient. Finally, a lot of components have been moved in place, such as the CMOS battery now being found underneath the heatsink. 

As noted by Evans, it's interesting that Sony is looking to cut costs with the new PS5 model, however, has decided to increase the price. The new standard RRP for a PS5 disc console is now $499.99 / £479.99 / AU$799.95 while a digital console is priced at $399.99 / £389.99 / AU$649.95, however, it's unclear when this will come into effect. 

Earlier this week, Sony began to roll out a new system software update to PlayStation 5 players that enables 1440p HDMI video output support, among other updates. 

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