Sony confirms new PS5 update with 1440p support rolling out now

Alongside "several highly-requested features" for PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5
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Sony has announced that a new system software update is now rolling out to PlayStation 5 players around the globe, with 1440p HDMI video output support now available as part of it. 

The new feature will be made available today, following two months of beta testing that began in July earlier this year. Alongside this, the new update adds "several highly-requested features" such as folders (known as gamelists) and the ability to request a Share Screen from a fellow party member.

It was further confirmed that 3D audio and stereo audio can now be compared on the same screen, alongside a number of other quality of life changes that make accessing friends' profiles and notifications for party chat that bit easier. Anyone that utilises YouTube via their PS5 can now search using voice command (only in English for accounts in the UK and US) as well as several PS App features that can all be found on the PS blog

A brief trailer from Sony for how 1440p resolution works on PS5 can be seen below:

"Thanks to the support and feedback from our PS5 beta participants, today we’re rolling out a new system software update to PS5 players globally," said Sony senior vice president of platform experience Hideaki Nishino.  

At four times the better resolution than the standard HD variant, 1440p HDMI video output can make a huge difference when playing games. Anyone looking to enable the new resolution can do so by heading to the "Screen and Video" option on any TV or monitor that supports it. 

According to Sony, anyone opting for 4K resolution may find games benefit from "improved anti-aliasing" by supersampling down to 1440p output. Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) will not be supported at 1440p, however.

Keeping with Sony, the company recently released The Last of Us Part 1 exclusively on PS5, which we found to be a "faithful but unnecessary remake" of the beloved 2013 action-adventure from Naughty Dog.

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