PS5 restock not over: more consoles set to drop next week at these retailers

After the first wave of PS5 restocks this month, it looks like we're in for a second one much sooner than we thought

Sony PS5 PlayStation 5
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The rumored March PS5 restock turned into a reality this week, with retailers across regions dropping more PS5 stock all week long. While we initially heard that the rollout would bookend the month, taking place in the first and last week of March, it looks like gamers who are still trying to get their hands on Sony's console are getting another chance next week. 

So far this week, we've seen US retailers like Walmart, Target, and GameStop roll out more PS5 stock, while in the UK, GAME, and Smyths Toys have both had big drops, with GAME running into checkout issues that went down just about as well as you'd expect. There's also been Amazon's PS5 restock, and given that the console isn't region locked, as long as you can sort out delivery, you've had at least a few options to try.

A number of PS5 stock tracking accounts on Twitter are saying we'll see more consoles drop next week, so if you're in the UK, keep an eye on AO, Very, Currys, ShopTo, and John Lewis. You can find a full list of retailers in the US/ UK/ AUS selling the PS5 in T3's PS5 stock tracker.    

To maximised your chances of securing a PS5, we've rounded up some of the recommended top tips to bag a PS5 which are tailored for the different retailers you might be shopping at.

If you've been on the fence, perhaps balking at the PS5 price tag, we've got some good news for you that will make dropping a few hundred dollars on a new console less painful; when adjusted for 2020 inflation, the PS5 and Xbox Series X are actually amongst the cheapest home consoles, coming in at less than the original PlayStationPS3Xbox 360, and Xbox One

Now that you're happy to part with your cash, the bad news is that you might be waiting a while for a PS5; scalpers aside, there's an industry-wide shortage of chips that both consoles use, which is also utilised in smartphones and cars. In the US, president Biden has signed an executive order to address "vulnerabilities" in the supply chain, but the reality of the situation for now is that the shortages could last well into the first half of next year

Hopefully our stock tracker should help you out though, and if you've been eyeing up Microsoft's console, be sure to swing by T3's Xbox Series X stock tracker too.  

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