Amazon Prime Video is getting this great new channel for film fans

Amazon Prime Video subscribers are about to get access to a lot of great movies

Amazon Prime Video The Icon Film Channel
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Hot on the heels of Disney Plus plugging in the entire Star catalogue of content into its streaming service, comes exciting news Amazon Prime Video subscribers are going to love.

That's because it has been confirmed that Amazon Prime Video is getting The Icon Film Channel in the UK from 18 March, 2021. And, for movie lovers, that means a lot of awesome new content, including over 150 exciting, unique and entertaining films.

The Icon Film Channel catalogue of content has been handpicked and includes blockbusters such as Drive, Apocalypto, The Mummy, Gosford Park, Looking For Eric, Nice Guys, and Malcolm X.

Speaking on the announcement The Icon Film Channel said that:

"From multi award-winning directors including Roman Polanski, Kenneth Branagh, Robert Altman, Spike Lee, Wolfgang Petersen, Mel Gibson, Stephen Fry, Lars Von Trier, Nicolas Winding Refn and Ken Loach, The Icon Film Channel will offer an unrivalled spectrum of visually and narratively stunning films.

"You will save yourself hours of trawling through streaming services trying to find a good film to watch. With The Icon Film Channel, you are guaranteed new and classic films that stand the test of time, and these can now be yours at a touch of a button in the comfort of your own home or on the move."

The Icon Film Channel will be available via the existing Prime Video app, be that on desktop, mobile, tablet, smart TVs and streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV Stick. And, further more, Prime members will be able to subscribe and access this on demand content through single Amazon account.

Here at T3 we welcome any new content in the big three streaming services of Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, although right now what we really want to know is how much The Icon Film Channel will cost. Here's hoping that it isn't too expensive, as right now Amazon Prime Video needs to play catch up with Netflix and Disney+ and this is a great way to do so.

Roll on March 18th...

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