PS5 restock about to drop at Best Buy: here's when we're expecting it

Best Buy is the next retailer tipped for a PS5 restock and it could happen as soon as today

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The great March PS5 restock is in full swing with retailers across the globe getting more stock in for eager gamers who have yet to get their hands on Sony's console thanks to a combo of stock shortages and scalpers, and the next US retailer priming for a PS5 restock is Best Buy.

As we've reminded you in our PS5 stock tracker, the PS5 isn't region locked, so as long as you can arrange delivery to wherever you are, you can keep tabs on regional stock drops to increase your chance at bagging one. Amazon UK has also been tapped for an imminent PS5 restock alongside Best Buy, and given that the retailer ships internationally, it's a good one to watch just in case your Best Buy efforts don't pay off.

The tip comes from sources at the retailer (via TechRadar) with multiple employees confirming that the Best Buy is currently sitting on a great big pile of PS5 consoles, with inventory of around 30 to 40 consoles per store minimum. While the stores look ready to go live with their PS5 restock at any minute, we could see that happen anytime between now, or early next week, which would line up with Amazon's PS5 rollout.    

If Best Buy has a PS5 drop today, it could be imminently, as the retailer likes the 9AM PT / 12PM ET time slot, so stay frosty! As TechRadar notes, same-day picksups at Best Buy locations isn't the norm, so if you do manage to get one today, you may have to wait until next week to collect it, so be sure to peruse the PS5 games available so you can prep for when you get it home.

It's not the PS5 either! Best Buy is also getting in more Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, so if you've been following our Xbox Series X stock tracker and are looking to get hold of Microsoft's console, you could be in luck. 

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