PS5 price, pre-orders, launch date set to drop THIS WEEK

Sony PS5 showcase set for Wednesday, September 16

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony is finally ready to put all of its PS5-related cards on the table. Microsoft made the first move by announcing pricing and release dates for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but now the ball is squarely in Sony's court. 

Previously, fans believed Sony would speak up about the PS5 in time for the 25th anniversary of the PlayStation's North American release. Unfortunately, nothing happened that day (September 9), but there's a new event on the horizon.  

Sony is holding an upcoming PlayStation 5 Showcase on September 16, which promises "one more look" at some of the games the system will include at launch. Here's what we're expecting to see from this new event that promises additional details about the console's impending release. 

PS5: Release date

Sony hasn't shared any details about the PS5 launch date beyond its Holiday 2020 release window. However, the latest rumors indicate that the it could make its debut between November 20 and November 27 in a bid to compete with Microsoft's new lineup, which has been confirmed for a November 10 launch

We may even see a November 19 release date, judging by a listing for a PS5 wall mount was spotted on Amazon.

PS5: Price

Though the official PlayStation Blog doesn't state that there will be a pricing or release date reveal, it's safe to say that these will likely be finalized during the stream. Rumors on pricing suggest that the standard PS5 will run about $499/ £449/ €499, with the PS5 Digital Edition coming in at $399/ £349/ €399. 

Meanwhile, it's been reported that the the DualSense and HD camera will cost $59.99/ £54.99/ €59.99 each; the charging cradle and PS5 remote will retail for $29.99/ £24.99/ €29.99 each; and the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset will come in at $159/ £129/ €179. 

PS5: gameplay

While we've already been privy to a number of fantastic-looking PS5 games coming to the console, the upcoming showcase promises additional updates on platform exclusive titles from Worldwide Studios, and Sony's development partners. 

We've heard that the presentation will include gameplay from already-confirmed PS5 games like Horizon Forbidden West, details on timed-exclusives, and a major new horror title from a Japanese studio. 

Could this be the final push toward the PS5's debut? Hopefully! By the end of the week, we may find both Xbox and PS5 fans ready to make a purchasing decision after the showcase at long last, with just over a month left ahead of both systems' release.