PS5 announcement: evidence mounts for launch date and price reveal today

Sony is on the verge of announcing PS5 price, launch date, and pre-order details - here's how we know

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With the PS5 launch rumoured for November, and an announcement set to take place today according to a major UK game retailer, fans are waiting with bated breath for Sony to make its next move, on the 25th anniversary of the PlayStation's North American release. 

Evidence is mounting for a significant info drop today, with Amazon listings suggesting that PS5 pre-orders could open up, and we may have even been tipped off about the console's release date.

Twitter leaker @Nibel spotted the first clue that something's brewing, with a number of PS5 game listings popping up on Amazon Australia. Demon's Souls PS5 boxart has also popped up.

That may seem tenuous on its own, a third-party Amazon seller is advertising a PS5 wall mount (via Reddit) with a November 19 release date, which fits with the PS5 launch window that's been rumoured.  

Of course, Microsoft may have thrown a spanner into the works with the announcement of the Xbox Series X price, launch, and pre-order dates, that it dropped today following the Xbox Series S leak yesterday.  

If Sony had anything planned for today, which would line up nicely with the PlayStation's 25th anniversary, it may be reconsidering its options now that Microsoft has swooped in to steal the limelight. 

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