PS5 needs much more powerful graphics but sound will be the secret weapon says Call of Duty developer

"More CPU, GPU and memory" to grant Sony's PlayStation 5 console audio-visual super powers, according to COD leak

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We already know that the PS5 is going to be a next-gen powerhouse of a console, with mind-blowing graphics, awesome backwards compatibility skills, a futuristic new design, and an Xbox Live-killing secret weapon priming the next PlayStation console for victory against Microsoft's Xbox Two.

However, thanks to enlightening comments from the director of Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies game mode, Jason Blundell, we've now got a clearer idea of just what developers want and are expecting from the PlayStation 5. And, excitingly, it's all about sound and light.

Blundell, who spoke to Express Online, stated that "more CPU, GPU and memory is a given" for the PS5, which is currently slated for a shock release in 2019, and that if it was up to him, he would want the next PlayStation to be given "more dedicated processing power, memory, and hardware effects to audio."

"They say that audio is half your visuals, and I couldn't agree more," continued Blundell, before noting that "in the Zombies world, it's all about sound and light" and that he hoped that the next generation consoles, such as the PS5 and Xbox Two, would have "as much dedicated silicone to speed up the power of Alpha textures" (semi-transparent textures) as possible.

Clearly there seems to be a very real want by game development studios, like Treyarch, for next-gen console hardware so that they can unlock and enable even more amazing PS5 and Xbox Two graphics and sound effects.

The comments from the Treyarch developer come mere days after an official Sony job posting advertised for Senior Product Manager to “own the roadmap for next generation PlayStation campaign", adding weight to the theory that Sony has been running a secret covert operation to have the PS5 release date next year in 2019, with happy gamers unwrapping PlayStation 5 consoles come Christmas morning and playing awesome PS5 games.

These latest comments only make us even more excited here at T3 to see what Sony has up its sleeve with the PS5, and E3 2019 now can't come soon enough, which is hopefully where the PlayStation 5 will get a dramatic full reveal.

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