Is this the PS5 you would buy?

Air HDMI, 8K, AMD Ryzen2X, DualShock 5, Bluetooth 5.0, wireless charging, and more!

PS5 PlayStation 5

A video depicting a very slick looking PlayStation 5 has hit the internet and it makes the upcoming PS5 console look like a next-gen beast of a system.

The video, created by French designer Joesph Dumary, shows the PS5 with a series of next-generation features and hardware, including 8K resolution compatibility, AMD Ryzen2X processing power, a next-generation DualShock 5 controller, wireless charging, and more.

Other notable features on this PlayStation 5 include a touch panel on the front of the console, rather than a series of physical buttons, a wireless "Air HDMI" connection to the television set, and a small screen on the system's controller that can not only show alerts, notifications, and messages, but also act as a sign-in mechanism with an in-built fingerprint sensor.

Here's the video trailer:

To us here at there's no doubting that this PS5 system certainly looks the part, with the design reminiscent of the PS4 Pro, and some of the features and next-gen hardware it is depicted with are very exciting and progressive for a video game console.

However, considering the PS5 release date is set for 2021, we're really not confident we'll see an 8K PlayStation console so soon, simply because that despite components going into the system reportedly going into production, the roadmap just isn't there yet in terms of television tech.

PS5 PlayStation 5

An 8K PlayStation 5 with a wireless HDMI connection would be something else…

One thing is for sure, though, a system such as this PS5 would definitely give not just Microsoft's Xbox One X a run for its money, but would also be well-equipped to battle its next console, too, the Xbox Scarlett, which has already being confirmed as launching in 2020.

What isn't depicted here is the rumoured 5G PlayStation Portable handheld, or the ability to share and trade digital games, which is odd considering this PS5 is shown with no disc drive.

PS5 PlayStation 5

 Would you buy a PS5 without a disc drive?

Now, we have no issue with the fully-digital, cloud-based gaming future that is frequently talked about as incoming within the gaming industry, however, if we are going to play awesome PS5 games digitally (by download or by streaming), then we'd definitely want the ability to share or trade those games with others.

PS5 PlayStation 5

The next PlayStation console has been confirmed as incoming in 2021.

Overall, then, these sweet concept images and video have made us even more excited for the official PlayStation 5 to be announced. We doubt it will feature all of these amazing features, but even if it contains just a fraction of them, we'd be 100 per cent on board.

2021 can't come soon enough.

Via: Pocket-lint

Images credit: Joseph Dumary

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