PS5 reportedly set for new model in 2023 – and it has one significant difference

A new PlayStation 5 that has a detachable disc drive is apparently in the works

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Less than two years since the PlayStation 5 launched and Sony is reportedly working on a new model that is said to release in the next 12 months. 

As reported by Sony insider Tom Henderson (via Insider Gaming), the new PS5 model will be "almost identical" to the console's original hardware, however, will have one major difference in a detachable disc drive. The new feature is said to connect to the PS5 via an extra USB-C port that will be located on the rear of the console. 

The new detachable disc drive model is said to replace the current offering of the standard PS5 that comes with a disc drive built in and a digital version that has the feature removed. If true, it looks as if Sony wants one PS5 model on the market so anyone can make the upgrade from discless to disc or replace the damaged part at a lower cost than possible now. 

T3 has reached out to Sony for comment.

While nothing official has come from Sony at the time of writing, the report further states that the new PS5 iteration is expected to release around sometime in September 2023. The games maker is also hoping to produce 18.5 million units of the new console in 2023 and 12 million units of the previous models, as it phases them out altogether. 

As of June 2022, over 21 million PS5 consoles have been sold globally. Sony recently confirmed that a PS5 price increase is on the way, yet no official date has been revealed as to when this will take effect. This new model may help to keep production costs down. 

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