PS5 mod kit upgrades PlayStation 5 cooling, lighting and faceplates

Upgrade your PS5's performance and looks

PS5 mod kit showing cooling vent and RGB LED lights
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We're big fans of the PlayStation 5 here at T3, with us stating in our PS5 review that it is an "awe-inspiring slab of shock and awe technology".

But that doesn't mean the PlayStation 5 can't be upgraded further. Indeed, T3's own console has already had one of the best PS5 SSDs installed into it, using T3's PS5 SSD installation guide, as well as a neat retro PlayStation logo attached.

Now, though, we've just spotted a few other ways we can upgrade the next-gen system – namely, switching up its faceplates while adding enhanced cooling and an RGB lighting system, too.

And, handily enough, that's what this cool PS5 mod bundle does, which is available right now at Amazon. It delivers a pair of black vented faceplates, along with a pair of LED Light Discs and a controller to change the colors they display.

The full details of the package can be viewed below:

Q-View PS5 Mod Kit: £44.99 at Amazon

Q-View PS5 Mod Kit: £44.99 at Amazon
If you like the idea of switching up your PS5 console's look, while also upgrading its cooling and lighting options, then this mod kit from Q-View is definitely worth checking out. It bundles together an RGB lighting system with a pair of faceplates equipped with extra cooling vents and dust filters. An included controller lets you select the lighting you want.

This kit seems to be really well reviewed, too, with 66 verified buyers on Amazon giving it a maximum score of 5 stars.

The latest review left by a buyer is entitled "very happy with this" and confirms that the mod kit is "very easy to fit" and that they would "highly recommend this for the price".

That tells us here at T3 that this is a quality mod bundle for PS5.

Probably the thing we like most about this kit, though, is that it delivers faceplates and lighting for the same price as official Sony PlayStation 5 faceplates, making it a better deal by far for gamers.

You can only buy this bundle with black faceplates, however, if you already have switched up your faceplates and just like the idea of adding some RGB lighting to your console, then the maker of this bundle also sells the LED RGB lighting kits separately.

Why consider upgrading your PS5 console's cooling

The biggest enemy of next-gen gaming performance is heat. From the console's core components, such as its graphics chip and processor, to its external storage, if components get too hot then they slow down – and that leads to drops in framerates, loading times and console longevity.

Keeping a PS5 cool is therefore incredibly important. Out of the box we think the PS5 does a pretty good job of keeping cool, especially if placed out in the open in its vertical orientation. However, some gamers have reported temperature warnings from their consoles, which has led to a multitude of "how to stop your PS5 overheating" articles.

So, by adding in extra cooling vents, as well as filters to trap dust (thereby preventing it from clogging up the console's cooling fan), you can enhance its ability to stay cool when under load playing graphically advanced AAA PS5 games like God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West.

As such, T3 recommends any PS5 gamer to consider their PS5 setup, and evaluate if they feel enhanced cooling would be beneficial, especially in the warmer months.

Our number one top tip for keeping a stock PS5 cool? That's ensuring it is not positioned inside a TV cabinet or any other enclosed space. Make sure your console has plenty of breathing room, especially from its top and rear-mounted cooling vents.

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