PS5 SSD installation guide: T3's step-by-step video explainer

Learn how to upgrade your PlayStation 5's storage now

PS5 SSD installation video guide
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Unlike the Xbox Series X, the PS5 has a rather more involved process for expanding the system's storage. Not only is the physical installation more taxing, with the console having to be opened up, but the requirements for the expanded storage drive in terms of speed and size must be strictly adhered to, too.

That's why, firstly, T3 created its best PS5 SSD buying guide, to help point gamers towards the very best expanded storage options available today that are compatible with PS5 and, two, why we've created this step-by-step video PS5 SSD installation guide.

In this guide, which can be watched directly below, you can see all the steps needed to install a third-party SSD in the PS5's expanded storage bay, as well as move games onto that storage and then play them on it.

Right now, expanded storage functionality is only available to PS5 gamers who are on the PlayStation 5 System Software Beta program, however, the functionality is slated to land in the next public system software update for the console, which is expected any time now.

As such, even if you aren't on the system software beta, by consulting this guide you'll be 100 per cent prepared for when your console's expanded storage bay is unlocked and you can install a compatible third-party M.2 NVMe SSD in it.

PS5 SSD video installation guide

Full credit has to be given to Sony here for supplying a detailed list of compatibility information and installation help in its official text guide, which is something we advise every PS5 gamer consult along with this video explainer before installing an expanded storage drive in their console for the first time.

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