PS5 gamers just got a free blast of gaming nostalgia

Relive the best bits of your gaming year and see how you compared to other PlayStation players

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2022 has been a pretty good year for PlayStation games – but which ones kept you glued to your PS5 or PS4 the most, and how do your stats compare with other gamers? Now you can find out courtesy of Sony's 2022 Wrap-Up, which shows you your gaming year and even gives you a new avatar based on what you've played the most.

If you sign in at you can explore your score by looking at your total play time, your top games, the trophies you earned and your PS Plus activities. View all four and that unlocks a summary card and one of six Astro Bot avatars that you can share with others. Mine is the Shooter, which wasn't exactly a surprise: I've spent most of my year in Returnal, Horizon: Forbidden West and Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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Looking at gaming stats is always fun, not least because memory isn't always reliable: did I really only spend 25 hours in Horizon: Forbidden West? I could have sworn it was twice that. 

The PlayStation Plus section is pretty pointless – it's clearly there to market PS Plus rather than to do anything interesting – but the rest is fascinating, not least because my youngest uses my account for Fortnite and it turns out that that single game accounted for 82% of our PS5 usage this year.

It's also a little bit of a jolt, because clearly I've got quite narrow horizons when it comes to gaming; as much as I enjoy shooters, I'm clearly not trying enough other genres (I have tried some, but I haven't given them enough play time for them to feature in the top ranks here). So the message I'm taking away from this is simple: I need to play more games in 2023. I'm okay with that.

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